Kent Hannestad

Do and Say

March 13, 2016

Jesus’ interactions with the teachers of the Law were often hostile. The Pharisees and Sadducees in Matthew 22 presented themselves against Jesus. Their heart was to trap Jesus in His teaching and publicly discredit His ministry. The harder these leaders worked against Jesus, the more astonished the crowds became regarding Jesus. He taught as one with authority. The crowds marveled at Jesus and the frustration of the Pharisees and Sadducees grew. Jesus summarized the Law and Prophets by saying we are to love God and love others. Jesus’ responses to the ill-willed questioners left the experts of the day speechless and afraid. Like the crowd, we too can stand in awe and marvel at Jesus and His teaching regarding love for God and love for neighbor.


September 6, 2015

Follow up questions
In what ways are you being conformed to the pattern of this world?

What can you do to stop being conformed to this world?

In what ways can you build accountability into your life?

How can you engage in transitioning into the person God wants you to be?

Identify 5 sources you expose yourself to on a regular basis. Are they providing helpful input into your life?

Identify 5 positive sources of input into your life. Determine a plan to increase your exposure to the positive sources and minimize your exposure to the negative sources.

SENT to Represent

March 8, 2015

In a world that tempts us to worship everything but God, it is good to remember that our salvation is found only in Jesus. All around us are men and women who have been duped into believing that chasing the American dream will bring them happiness. All around us are people who are hurting because their hope for joy is placed in temporary pleasures. If you have received the good news that God sent His Son to rescue you from the darkness of this world and provided an escape through the grace of God in Jesus, you are now His ambassador. In trusting Christ, you are identified with Him in His mission. Just as He was sent to rescue you, so now you are being sent to participate in the rescue of others. You carry with you a message of hope, forgiveness, grace, love, and joy in Jesus. While the world races head on toward destruction, Jesus invites you to join Him in the rescue of others. Kent Hannestad reminds us that our SENT to represent Jesus.

Holy Habits Part 2

March 16, 2014

Kent Hannestad, President of Park Christian School, spent his second Sunday with us finishing up his series on Holy Habits.

Holy Habits Part 1

March 9, 2014

Pastor Kent Hannestad, President of Park Christian School, shared with us about Holy Habits.

The Principle of the Path

February 10, 2013

This week we learned that following Jesus leads to an abundant
life, not just in the life to come but in life here and now. This abundance can only
be experienced in its fullest as we give ourselves completely to Jesus in our
thoughts and in our actions. For us to do this well, we must guard our hearts from
deceitful entertainment, philosophies and opinions. Thoughts and feelings lead to
action. Each decision we make gives direction to the future. If you want to follow
Jesus, take up your cross and do it.

The Zeal Deal

March 18, 2012

Whatever is worth doing in the Christian life is valuable enough to be done with enthusiasm and care. The whole truth of Paul’s teaching in Romans is to behave like a Christian, Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good,” (Romans 12:9). Part of daily Christian behavior is serving God and living an obedient life filled with zeal and fervency.

Every Day. Every Way

March 7, 2010

All believers should serve Christ as His ambassadors. Paul’s appeal was not a token announcement but an impassioned plea addressed to the "world" on Christ’s behalf. What is the plea? "We implore you to be restored to a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ His Son."