Nick Hall

Reset: Lord Do it Again!

December 8, 2013

Nick Hall, founder of Pulse Outreach, will be our special guest speaker today. He will share a message from God’s Word as well as let us know what’s going on with their ministry this coming year.

Whatever it Takes

October 9, 2011


Mark 2:1-12 is the story of a paralyzed man who longed for the healing touch of Jesus, but who was unable to get to him on his own. He was paralyzed. He was powerless. There was no way he could get to Jesus on his own. Instead, it took the determined effort of others to bring this man before the Savior. They overcame roadblocks, hurdles, and attitudes to do whatever it took to see their friend made whole again. Interestingly, when Jesus encounters the paralytic he doesn’t cry, “Get up and walk,” but instead, “Son, your sins are forgiven!” Certainly it must have seemed inappropriate and even irrelevant in the immediate situation but, in fact, Jesus’ pronouncement of pardon is the recognition that man can only be genuinely whole when the power of death has been overcome through the forgiveness of sins.

The Harvest is Ready

November 28, 2010

Moved by compassion, Jesus wanted to shepherd all of Israel.  He knew that there were many who were ready to believe.  Recognizing that, He cast a vision for his disciples-one of a ripe harvest in need of workers.  Effective leaders look for opportune moments and use clear examples to communicate their vision.  Jesus was a contagious leader who demonstrated the true characteristics of a shepherd; love, care, concern, compassion, and most of all guiding people to spiritual birth and spiritual growth.