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The Light of Salvation and Hope is Coming

The time is 735 B.C., the place Judah, the situation is the Southern Kingdom of Judah is in the midst of warfare, intrigue, fear, perverted sinfulness and failed leadership. The King of the Southern Kingdom of Judah is evil King Ahaz. Ahaz has a dilemma, he must chose to trust God to help Judah against 2 kingdoms attempting to conquer Judah, or He can chose to ignore God and trust an evil, foreign enemy of Judah’s, Assyria, to help his nation against 2 foreign enemies that are planning on attacking Judah, Israel and the kingdom of Aram. Unfortunately, evil King Ahaz of Judah defies the Sovereign LORD and he decides NOT to trust God’s prophet Isaiah or the sign God promised He’d give to King Ahaz. God decides to give King Ahaz a sign to His prophet, Isaiah to give to Ahaz anyway. Perhaps the greatest prophecy ever written in God’s Holy Word is Isaiah 7:14 & Isaiah 9:6; it is the prophecy by God, through the Prophet Isaiah, that a prophesied virgin would give birth to the Messiah, Immanuel, “God with us,” (Cf. Matt. 1:21-23; “Yeshua; Savior”). The prophecy declares that the Light of God,