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The Great Reversal

The Garden of Eden was a place where Adam and Eve communed closely with God.  With no knowledge of evil before the Fall, even their nakedness was innocent and without guilt, shame or fear. Adam and Eve found their complete gratification in the joy of their union and their service to God.  Through the entrance of sin and the knowledge of evil (Fall of man), their situation and standing before God was immediately impacted.  The breaking of the Law brought guilt; the breaking of their relationship with God brought shame; the breaking of their trust in God brought fear.


Man’s separation from God, due to sin, had to be restored through the death, burial and resurrection of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. Man could not restore the broken relationship with God on his own.  Jesus Christ bore the pain, suffering, and penalty for sin on the cross so mankind could have reconciliation with God. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most important event in the annals of human history and the most critical foundational event that restored man’s relationship with God. Those who trust Jesus Christ as Savior have been cleansed; they are free from the stain of sin; they are seen as “innocent” before God; their relationship is restored and their honor and dignity restored, and their peace, confidence and trust in God has been restored.