Who is the Greatest?

Jesus interrupts an argument between His disciples about who is greater in the Kingdom of God. Following the experience of James, John, and Peter at the mountaintop, it is natural to think these twelve men would get into an argument about who is the best fit for their plans of assuming political power. Deep in their DNA, this small band of men were raised to believe that when the Messiah came, he would be a warrior ruler, a political leader, a benevolent dictator. Having seen Jesus at the top of the mountain with Moses and Elijah the excitement must have overwhelmed the men and caused them to think NOW is the time when Jesus would assume his rightful place as King of Israel and drive out the Roman powers. Foiling all of their natural thinking, Jesus again reminds them that His kingdom will be nothing like what they expect. Jesus is introducing a Kingdom marked by obedience to the Father and humility in service to Him.