“Let the Children Come”

A crowd of people persistently shepherd little children into the home where Jesus and his disciples are gathered. Several disciples are overwhelmed by this and discourage the people from seeing Jesus. In other words, the people are not included in the inner circle that the twelve disciples perceive they are a part of, so they tell the people to leave. They believe that they are looking out for Jesus, but earlier in Mark we see a similar situation as Jesus commands them to not forbid a man from casting out demons in His name. Jesus swells with anger at the disciples’ self-importance and is clearly upset by their lack of compassion for the children. He forcefully commands the disciples to allow the children inside of the home, and to abstain from hindering them any further. Jesus then channels this anger into a teaching moment for his disciples, trying to help them to see that everyone is significant in his eyes. Through this passage, we are encouraged to be like the children that are so eagerly awaiting the opportunity to be with Jesus, and to embody the dependence and trust that they willingly place in him.