“Christ is the Son of David”

The crowds were intensely curious and interested as Jesus debated the scribes within the shadow of the temple in Mark 12. It was generally understood that the Messiah, the one who would deliver Israel from the hands of her enemies would be a son in the lineage of King David. In fact, Mark has already set the scene that many in the crowd believed Jesus was the Messiah. They cried out in Mark 11, “Hossanna!” and made references to Jesus as the son of David. This must have frustrated the scribal leaders because they remained skeptical of Jesus. We learn in these short verses (12:35-37) that their view of Messiah as one from the lineage of David was true but insufficient. With only a few questions, Jesus disrupts their understanding. Using Psalm 110:1 as a springboard, Jesus introduces to the crowds that David understood Messiah would not be like the kings before but would be someone even greater. In fact, the language suggests that the coming Messiah would be both in the lineage of David and have the DNA of deity. Jesus fulfills both as fully God and fully man.