The Coming Kingdom

The categories of popularity, prosperity, and politics may be helpful for us to grasp what is happening in Mark 11:1-11. Riding in on a colt invited the crowd and His disciples to see Jesus as a political leader. These people were desperate for something greater. They longed for a leader who would deliver them from Roman occupation. This crowd had experienced the prosperity of being near Jesus; He drove away demons and took away their sickness. After the feeding of the 5,000 they wanted to make Him king but Jesus had nothing to do with them. Now the crowd has returned and grew when those inside Jerusalem came out to welcome Jesus. Jesus represented a popular movement of hope and expectation. In this moment, Jesus was the greatest thing to happen to the Holy City in 100’s of years. To be a part of the celebration must have been exhilarating. The messiah has come just as Daniel and the prophets of old had promised. The excitement and joy of the crowd would have been overwhelming for anyone nearby. Mark is presenting Jesus as the one who will save Israel. Hosanna!