God of the Living

It would be dangerous to gloss over the sense of urgency in Mark’s letter to his church, the Gospel of Mark. History tells us that the Roman government regularly killed Christians because of their faith. Every day Mark’s young church faced the life and death decision to follow Jesus or deny Him. Choosing to believe that God loved them and sent His Son, Jesus, to rescue them from sin and death was for many a choice to leave this earthly life as a martyr. While others sung the praise of the emperor, Mark’s church sung about Jesus. They placed their faith, not in the government but in the person of Jesus. Wanting a sense of purpose and meaning, they turned to Jesus. When the world told them their desires could be satisfied in the temporary, they turned to the eternal. Pride and possessions were no match for the hope they found in Jesus. The regular, persistent threat of life surfaced many questions for pastor Mark. His answer to their questions about life after death can be found in the controversy stirred up by the Sadducees in Mark 12 as Jesus responds to an absurd accusation.