They Just Don’t Get It!

The religious leaders protecting the establishment in Mark 11 are a great picture of what we do NOT want to become. Tragically, the people who were identified in the culture as representatives of God failed to embrace the heart of God.  The external evidence supposed the internal health of the leaders but Jesus revealed another reality; their hearts were hardened to the love of God. Jesus assesses the situation in verse 11 and then pronounces judgment on their hardened hearts. With righteous anger, Jesus overturns the tables in the temple and drives away those who have made the Temple a mockery to prayer. God’s heart for the nations is on display as Jesus teaches His disciples and reprimands the chief priests, scribes and elders. The pace of chapter 11 has slowed down so that the reader will not too quickly gloss over Jesus’ teaching. God’s heart for you is that you would relate to Him by the Spirit through prayer, trusting, believing, and longing for more from Jesus.