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Trusting Fully

Many of us long for wisdom. We want to know how to face an uncertain future with confidence. The book of Proverbs offers us such wisdom. The wise men of Israel curated collections of wisdom from Kings David, Solomon, and others outside of Israel. The nature of these collections reflects their understanding that all truth, all wisdom is sourced in the God of Israel. He alone is the covenant keeping creator God who loves them and has made himself known to them. Wisdom in Proverbs begins when one orients himself to the Creator in faith, humility and obedience. As we see the unfolding of revelation we understand from John 1 and Colossians that the ultimate personification of Wisdom is Jesus. In Him we can have life because He is the way, the truth, and the life. Today, as we long to be wised and know how to face an uncertain future, like the wise men of old, we can trust God fully.