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Will History Repeat Itself?

God gave the Prophet Isaiah a vivid image of the sinful condition of the nation of Judah in Isaiah chapters 1 through 5. Though the nation of Judah was being led by a godly king, Uzziah, the nation had severely lapsed into a state of spiritual and moral decline. Judah had experienced 52 years of godly rule by King Uzziah, which was experienced through wealth, prominence, and military power in the Middle East region. Judah was at its apex of status and power, but because of the 52 years of peace and prosperity, they had neglected to worship God! The Judeans had become arrogant and self-sufficient and no longer sought after God. God shares with His prophet Isaiah His six indictments against Judah. America has been following the same pattern as Judah. Will America fail to learn from history and thus be disciplined by God? Or will America learn from history and turn back to God and restore the broken relationship through repentance and seeking forgiveness?