Ministry Leader Appreciation Month

October is Ministry Leader Appreciation month. Our pastors and directors are deeply committed to caring for Bethel’s congregation. This month we want to encourage you to do something extra to show your appreciation. Consider sending a thank you note, a gift card, or an encouraging email. Thank you.

– Bethel Elders


Our Ministry Leader Staff & Spouse

Jonas (& Greta) Bundy

Nate (& Mandie) Drege

Steven Dunkel

Sarah Dunkel

Sarah Dunkel

Craig Johnson

Craig (& Laurel) Johnson

Gary (& Cheryl) Siefers

Andy Veith

Andy Veith

Loree Veith

Loree Veith

Bruce Welgraven

Bruce (& Christina) Welgraven

Verona Winkler

Verona (& Kevin) Winkler