Missions and You

Outreach - Fargo TheaterAt Bethel, we seek to equip and encourage people to help the spiritually hungry experience and proclaim the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. Bethel Outreach Ministry desires to help believers in Jesus Christ lead lives like Him by positively influencing our community and the world. To fulfill the Lord’s command of making Jesus-followers of all nations (ethnic groups), we engage in reaching both our local community and those far-removed from Jesus Christ. We believe that a healthy church will reflect God’s heart to reach those closest to us while simultaneously seeking to build bridges with those who have yet to hear of Jesus Christ.

Global Outreach CambodiaOur Global Outreach focus exists to extend our reach from Bethel to the ends of the earth. We seek to bridge cultural and language barriers that distance people from understanding and embracing the truth of Jesus Christ.

Our Global Priorities

  • People groups beyond the current reach and witness of the Church or those peoples where only a very small percentage of them are Christians.
  • Among people and places where the Church does exist but needs assistance in equipping and training their people in reaching their own culture.
  • Global Outreach Cambodia CouplePeople and places where the Church is established but in need of reviving to engage their people in reaching their own culture.