The Brou People of Cambodia

Global Outreach Cambodia WeavingGlobal Outreach Cambodia Kids BoatsOn June 26th, 2005, Bethel partnered with Salem Church in adopting the Brou, an unreached people group. The Brou live in villages in Northeast Cambodia and Southern Laos. This animistic, tribal people group is composed of an estimated 30,000 people who live much as they have for generations. They live in constant fear of the spirit world, regularly offering animal sacrifices to appease the spirits. Many are subsistence farmers. These people have had very limited access to education and most remain illiterate.

Camodia image - Cambodia imageWe have committed to send our prayers, our people and financial support, in order that  we may see Jesus Christ worshipped among the Brou people. Our missionaries are working directly with the Brou in Cambodia. God has used them along with new believers to lead many Brou people to Jesus Christ. We are now able to see God’s Holy Spirit at work as many Brou  in Cambodia have responded to the Gospel; those in Laos remain virtually untouched by the Gospel due to government restrictions. Our vision is to see each of the estimated 85 Brou villages have a gospel presence by the year 2020.


Visit Operation World’s website for more information on targeted prayer for the people of Cambodia.