Planning For Your Future

EFCA LogoBethel Church has invited Lanny Harris, Vice President of the EFCA Foundation to lead us in a Financial Planning Workshop. During this 1½ hour meeting, Lanny will also introduce us to the Bethel Church Foundation, an EFCA Foundation Designated Fund.

Lanny will address these topics during the workshop:

  • Biblical Stewardship – What does the Bible say about your personal finances?
  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Guardianship for minor children – Who would care for your children if you die while they are still minors?
  • Considerations for drafting your will – How is your property titled? Are there family members with special needs?
  • Your financial Power of Attorney – What if you become incapacitated? Who will pay your bills?
  • Gift Planning – Charitable Gift Annuity. Designated Funds. Life Insurance?

The information presented has value for people of all ages regardless of your stage in life; young or old, single or married, with children or without. The preparation materials provided at this workshop will help you be prepared if you need to meet with a lawyer to prepare a will or trust. This should result in a savings of both time and money.


Everyone is welcome.


Saturday, May 2, 2015 at 9 a.m.


Room 112

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn what you need to know to prepare for your financial future!