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Rick and Debbie Olson

We have had an unexpected death of one of our associates at the place of business where Debbie and I work at. She was found dead in her earlier this past week. Since the associate died unaccompanied, an autopsy was conducted by the Cass County coroner's office. The death was ruled to be from natural causes. The associate had not come in to work for the days prior to the discovery of the body. It was just not like this person to be absent and not call in to work to let anyone know. Accordingly, our store manager called the associate's emergency contact person.The associate had a son and daughter living in the area, and he was the one who came over and broke the news to our managers at the store. Wow! So sudden!! We're all in shock. I just talked to the associate a week ago Saturday and the person seemed just fine. We are not sure if this associate trusted in Jesus as Lord and Savior or not, as this person never really mentioned anything about relationship with Jesus. Debbie and I will be praying for this person's family as they walk through this very difficult time. We would ask for your prayers as well. Thank you.

Received: November 6, 2022