Our Ministry Strategy

Our mission is to help students move toward Jesus and take others with them.

Disciplemaking FAQ

1.    What is our definition of a disciple?
A disciple is someone who is moving toward Jesus and taking others with them.

2.    How do we make disciples of students?
Every student has two small group leaders who invest in them both at events and throughout the week.   In our events (both weekly and seasonal trips), we provide opportunities for Witness, Withness, Worship, and Word, so that our students are equipped and empowered to grow in their relationships with God and with each other, and to help others take their next steps

3.    Do we have a simple, identifiable disciplemaking pathway?
Yes. Students move through four stages in their spiritual journey: exploring, beginning, growing and multiplying.

Exploring is marked by openness to hear about Jesus. Fruit ranges from simply attending to asking spiritual questions.
Beginning is marked by acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior. Fruit ranges from a profession of faith in Jesus to signs of transformation by the Holy Spirit.
Growing is marked by increasing obedience to Jesus as Lord and Savior. Fruit ranges from increasing in prayer and Scripture reading to serving in the church and/or community.
Multiplying is marked by increasing influence in bringing others into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Fruit ranges from sharing faith in Jesus with others to mentoring others  in their walk with Jesus.


4.    How do we measure disciplemaking effectiveness?
Although we keep records of attendance and baptisms, we recognize that these are limited metrics. We celebrate when students take any step toward Jesus, whether they are still exploring or they are already multiplying. We record these steps through sharing stories of God’s transforming work in the lives of specific students.

5.    Who are we drawing close in disciplemaking relationships?
We as a staff draw our small group and student leaders close, to encourage and equip them to multiply their faith in Jesus. These leaders then draw close their small groups and peers to bring them closer to Jesus. Our expectation is that every student in our ministry receives prayer each week and an invitation to meet one-on-one with a leader each semester.