Student Sunday Apologetics Resources

Here are books and other resources related to apologetics recommended by one of our Student Sunday speakers in 2023.


General Apologetics 

On Guard by William Lane Craig 

On Guard is a good introductory text for apologetics, and I highly recommend it. I speak more about William Lane Craig below, but this book discusses our need for apologetics, evidence for the existence of God, evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, and debunks a couple of arguments against Christianity as well. 


The Case for Miracles by Lee Strobel 

Lee Strobel was formerly an investigative journalist for the Chicago Tribune. In this book, he looks into evidence for the occurrence of miracles, and builds a case for their existence. He also lists many other sources on the subject that you can look into. 

Resurrection of Jesus 

The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel 

evidence for Jesus’s resurrection. He also provides his own testimony, where he tried to prove Christianity wrong, and ended up realizing that it is true. 

Cold Case Christianity by J Warner Wallace 

J Warner Wallace is the most featured cold case detective on the true crime podcast “Dateline.” He has picked up the name “the evidence whisperer,” and he has never lost a court case. Wallace decided to put his detective skills to the task of determining if the gospels are accurate historical accounts, and converted to Christianity because of it. This book documents why the gospels are reliable testimony and we can be confident that Jesus rose from the dead. 

Reliability of the Bible 

Evidence that Demands a Verdict (Revised and Updated edition) by Sean and Josh McDowell 

This reference book goes through the evidence for the historicity of the Bible, along with many related topics, such as the deaths of the apostles and the transmission of the Bible.  

Inoculating your Children against the World 

Mama Bear Apologetics by Hillary Morgan Ferrer 

This book is a must-have if you’re raising kids. It talks about all sorts of worldviews your children are going to be exposed to as a kid, and how to help prevent your kid from falling prey to these evil philosophies. 

Forensic Faith by J Warner Wallace 

This book was the inspiration for my sermon. It talks about the need for training and how to go about doing it. The book also begins the process of training you. The T.R.A.I.N. Acronym was taken from one of the chapters of this book. 

Living as a Disciple 

Faithfully Different by Natasha Crain 

In this book, Natasha Crain talks about how to live faithful to God’s word in a world that is increasingly hostile to God’s morality and His people. 

People to Follow 

Mike Winger 

Mike Winger is my favorite online theologian. He was a pastor at a Calvary Chapel, but left the position to pursue online ministry full-time. He produces hour long videos on YouTube discussing various theological and apologetics material. His evidence for the Bible series is one of my favorite video series.  

Alisa Childers 

Alisa Childers was a part of the christian band ZOEgirl. A couple of years after the band disbanded, she went through a crisis of faith, and now she puts out apologetics content on her podcast “The Alisa Childers Podcast.” She puts out 1 interview per week, often dealing with topics relating to deconstruction and progressive “Christianity.” 

William Lane Craig 

William Lane Craig is a Christian philosopher who was recently named one of the most influential modern philosophers. He has a podcast called Reasonable Faith, where he talks about apologetics topics. He also has written dozens of books, both popular and scholarly and has participated in hundreds of debates about the existence of God. His app, Reasonable Faith, has many apologetics Q&As and has a great lecture series called “Defenders” that I highly recommend.