Sunday Night Live

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Sunday Night Live (Grades 7–12, FLC, 4-6:30pm) is our Fall–Spring weekly student gathering. We build relationships by hanging out in the Gym (volleyball, basketball, octoball) and FLC (game tables, videos, refreshments) before gathering in the FLC for a mixer, student-led worship, a message, and a meal. Finally, small groups meet throughout building. Bibles and lifebooks ( are freely available to help fuel students to grow. See our schedule below (extra opportunities in gray):

2:00 Student Worship Rehearsal – Student development is integral to our ministry. Any student, regardless of experience or skill, is welcome to join our Student Band.

3:30 Student Prayer & Leader Meeting – Prayer fuels our ministry. Small Group and Student Leaders gather at 3:30 in the FLC to hear prayer requests and details about the night, then students break off to pray for each other, our church, and our world.

4:00 Hang Out & Connection – We provide volleyball, basketball, and octoball in the Gym, ping pong, foosball, and short videos in the FLC, and refreshments at the kitchen windows.

4:20 Mixer, Icebreaker & Announcements – When the countdown ends, our FLC gathering begins. Mixers further build relationships, while icebreakers build excitement, helping our students engage with each other and the night.

4:40 Student-Led Worship – Our student band leads us in worship weekly. Scripture reading, dramas, short mixers, prayer, and other elements are often included.

5:00 Biblical Message – We delve deeply into the Bible each week, engaging and equipping students. We encourage students to bring a Bible (they are also provided).

5:20 Meal Time – Our Kitchen Ministry provides a weekly meal. Jesus often modeled how food builds fellowship, and full students make focused small groups.

5:40 Small Groups – Small groups (divided by grade and gender) help students connect on a deeper level, interact with God’s Word, ask questions, and receive face-to-face time with trained small group leaders. Students often hang out in the FLC and Gym following this time.

6:15 Student Leaders (Monthly on 10/4, 11/8, 12/6, 1/3, 2/21, 3/6, 4/3) – Our student leaders meet monthly for a time of accountability, brainstorming, and casting vision. In these meetings, students will design ways to help their peers move toward Jesus, discuss outreach and ministry strategies, plan volunteer appreciation, and coordinate Student Takeover and Student Sunday. Any student can come and become a Student Leader.

For more information about our student ministry, contact Ciara Arnhalt at 701.232.4476 or