There is great joy in serving with the Bethel Kids/Students ministry teams. From serving with students in a small group to standing up front to greeting a guest and even working behind the scenes, our volunteers become the hands and feet of Jesus as they model what it means to follow Christ.

We believe that every child or student is a gift from God and as such deserves our best efforts to protect them while they are in our ministry.  It is a high priority to make sure that each child is protected from the possibility of abuse.  Likewise, Bethel Church also desires to protect its volunteers from false allegations.  Therefore, an in-depth screening process is required for every individual who desires to minister within our program(s) and has been established to ensure that the utmost protection is provided to prevent an abuse situation or accusation.

For more information about our ministry to children or questions about volunteering with our children’s ministry email Delia or call her at 701.730.1956. For questions about our ministry to students or volunteering with student’s ministry email Pastor Steven or call him at 701.232.4476.