Summer @Home

Summer @ Home encourages Bethel attendees to become more intentional about using the good old summer time for spiritual growth. Below is an overview of the resources we have available to help you make the most of summertime:

logo-home-0-0-370-111Free brochures in the @Home Centerabout every age or stage of life can provide you with suggestions for being more intentional in you spiritual development during the summer. These are also available on the Family Stages page.

Activity Cards are available online or in the @Home Center. These are simple activities you and your family can do together to strengthen relationships and grow in Christ.

The Summer @Home Brochure is available here or by stopping by the @Home Center for a paper copy. It is packed with suggestions you can use to create your plan for growth during the beautiful summer months we enjoy here in North Dakota and Minnesota. Whether you are on a trip, relaxing at home, or spending time at the lake – you can use these ideas to grow in your relationship with Christ.

We have numerous book and audio resources for sale in the @Home Center which encourage family communication and spiritual growth. Listen to the Podcasts for free online.