Talk 30

Do you need someone to talk to confidentially?  Maybe you are angry, bored, anxious or hurting?  Maybe you have a spiritual question or a concern that you need to process?

We care and are available to help.

We will listen, care, offer encouragement, and hope without judgment. We are available to visit Tuesday 7-3, Wednesday 11-7, and Thursday 7-3. If you, for any reason, want to talk to someone for 30 minutes free of charge, please sign up to receive a call.

Your story will not be shared.

While Talk30 is not counseling, it is confidential. The only limit to our confidentiality would be if someone is deeper a threat to self or someone else. In that case, the Talk30 Supervisor will assist in getting any necessary help.

Our Community is a Caring Place

We know that there are a lot of needs out there in the Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo community and are thankful for the work of FirstLink. For a directory of community resources please visit FirstLink online or call them at 211 OR 701-235-SEEK (7335)

FirstLink’s Suicide Lifeline, 1-800-273-TALK (8255), is connected to a national network of crisis services, so no call for help is unanswered.  Call Specialists help those who are having thoughts of suicide themselves, or who have a concern about someone.

The Centers for Disease Control has developed additional resources for handling stress and coping during this pandemic.