Understanding Your Spiritual Journey

Understanding Your Spiritual Journey

Whether you already have a relationship with Jesus Christ or are still exploring, you are on a spiritual journey. The pathway above will help you see where you are and identify next steps. Bethel Church wants to come alongside you on your spiritual journey. Join us as we take next steps on the journey together.


You are interested in learning more about Jesus Christ, but do not consider yourself to have a relationship with him. You are exploring what Christians believe, what the Bible has to say, and searching for answers to important life issues.

The Cross

This is the turning point of your journey. You believe Jesus is God’s son and that his life, death and resurrection paid the penalty for your sin. You are now secure in an eternal relationship with Christ.


You have begun a new life in Jesus, but you may still have plenty of questions and even some confusion about what it means to follow him. God, through his spirit living in you, is giving you a growing desire to know him and be like Christ.


You have a growing realization of God’s unconditional love for you. As you get to know him through spiritual habits like prayer and the study of God’s word, you are moved to greater obedience. You are actively involved in community with other Christ followers and serving others using your talents, gifts and abilities.


You are intentionally making disciples who make disciples. You desire to see everyone have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, and motivated by his love, you are investing your life into those who already know him and those who don’t.