Veronica WylandVeronica Wyland

Director of Women’s Ministry



About Veronica

Family: Husband Troy, Children Cole and Kailyn

Birthday: March 4

Hometown: Detroit Lakes MN

What are your hobbies/interests? Fishing with family, I am a dog lover; Prior to working at Bethel I owned a dog grooming salon and I have been involved in dog showing and training throughout the years.

What do you really do at Bethel? I help women grow in their relationship with the Lord through the study of His Word and connect with other women in meaningful relationships with one another with the goal of equipping the women to engage our church and community with the unique gifts God has given them, for advancement of the Gospel.

What would your best friend say is the best thing about you? I am a good listener. I love to hear people’s stories and look for ways that God is moving in their lives.

What do you love most about working for Bethel? Having a front row seat to the power of the Gospel and the transformation of lives is one of the many reasons I love working at Bethel. I also love the opportunity to encourage other women with the hope of God in His word. There is nothing more exciting to me than to see women develop a hunger to know God and study His Word. Also the staff here at Bethel are incredible. The love of Christ is clearly seen in the care and love they have for each other.

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How and when did you come to Christ? I was presented the Gospel at a family church retreat when I was 10 years old and given an invitation to respond by placing my trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of my sins. I had heard many truths about the Gospel before this time but had never been asked to respond in personal trust. This was a very exciting time for me and I remember being so excited to tell everyone about my decision to follow Jesus.

What is your calling and passion? Because of the way that God’s Word had transformed my life I am very passionate about helping women learn how to read and understand the Bible for themselves. I love helping them learn how to look for truths about God in order to know Him better and to help them identify the over arching message of the Gospel that is can be found from Genesis to Revelation.

How did you first come to Bethel and get started doing ministry? My husband and I were looking for a church where we could grow in our faith and receive clear teaching from Gods Word.  We began attending Bethel in 2003 and shortly after I began to volunteer in the children’s ministry. After about  two years of attending I got involved with women’s Bible studies and 2009 I began to leading women’s Bible studies.

What has God been teaching you recently? For the body to work properly all parts must be valued and cared for. Often it is easy for the church to give little attention to the parts of the body that by human standard seem to be weaker or less honorable but in fact the body greatly suffers when this happens. When the body of Christ understands the unique calling for each believer and celebrates all of the functions of the church, it is then that we function at the highest capacity in the moving forward of the Gospel and caring for one another. God is also glorified when His people celebrate the work He is doing in the lives of His children.   

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What is in your current reading list? God dwells among us: Expanding Eden to the ends of the Earth by: G.K. Beale and Mitchell Kim, A Peculiar Glory by John Piper, None Like Him by Jen Wilkin


Who is your favorite theologian? John Piper

Favorite TV show(s) or Movie: Mary Poppins 

Favorite food/snack: Coffee with Extra dark chocolate

What is one thing people don’t know about you? I have fished for catfish with Kentucky Fried Chicken before. (it works)

What inspires you? Teaching that connects the listener to heart of the Gospel and opens the door to a deeper love of God.

What is your biggest challenge? Time management

What drives you crazy? Noisy eaters.

If you had the opportunity, what famous person would you want to hang out with and why? Ordinary people fascinate me more than famous people. Usually because once you get to know them they are extraordinary and not ordinary at all