About Us

Welcome to Bethel Church

Many of us remember what it was like to step foot into our building for the first time and see some of the friendly faces of people who would later become dear friends.

Our hope for you is that when you visit our campus you find the same warm welcome and opportunity to plug into meaningful relationships.

Our Story

“How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven.” These words were spoken thousands of years ago by the Old Testament character Jacob as he awoke from a dream. So scared, so amazed, and yet so confident that he had an encounter with the Living God that he named that place Bethel, which means, “the house of God” (Genesis 28).

Bethel Church is an awesome place too because God is here in our midst! For well over a century, people who gather and call themselves Bethel Church have seen God’s faithfulness. Hearts have been touched, minds have been transformed and lives continue to be changed, as we seek to become more like Christ in our realms of influence and around the world.

We are humbled, yet thrilled to be on God’s mission to reach the lost and encourage Christ-followers toward spiritual maturity. In addition to our commitment to empower men and women to live, love, and lead like Jesus in their respective realms of influence, as well as our global mission partnerships in a dozen nations around the world, our regional ministries connect with many in our community, including numerous New Americans who now call America home.