Do you ever wonder what happens to a person when they die? In the early church in Corinth, some teachers suggested that death was a good thing. They taught that the immaterial world (spiritual) is better than the material world (physical). As the church looked for answers, Paul reminded them that the material world was created by God and therefore is not inherently evil. Sin entered the world through Adam, bringing with it death. Death is a result of sin, but the resurrection of Jesus overwhelmed the grave. We know that Jesus
is victorious over sin and death. We see in 2 Corinthians 5:1-10 that walking by faith invites us to trust God for the resurrection which is to come. Having experienced the grace of God which invigorates and gives life, we long to please Him. Knowing that one day all will appear before the judgment seat of Christ, we have hope. The life we live by faith is a walk of trust and obedience in light of all that God has done.