The story of creation is the story of a God who loves those created in His image.
Genesis 1 & 2 paint the picture of a limitless God who creates time and space,
the heavens and earth, plants and animals, land and water. The greatest of
God’s creation is mankind. Men and women are created uniquely in the image
of God (1:27) and set apart to rule and reign as His representatives in creation.
The garden of Eden was a place of beauty where relationships had no concept
of shame, guilt, and fear. With only one restriction placed on Adam and Eve,
they chose to reject God by disobeying His command to not eat of the tree of
the knowledge of good and evil (2:16-17). With every good thing set before
them, Adam and Eve rejected the goodness of God by trading it for a lie. In that
moment, all of life became twisted. Lest we believe that our greatest battle is
the temptations from without, Adam and Eve remind us that our cravings often
lead us away from relying on God.