The context of Isaiah 6 provides a wonderful contrast between one who is humble in seeking the Lord and one who is flippant. Isaiah’s vision breaks through the mundane and enters us into the glorious realities of Holy God: beauty, worship, awe, fear, joy. … all leading to Isaiah’s posture of humility. At that time (~739 BC) King Uzziah was known as the leper King of Israel. Just a few years before Isaiah 6, in a moment of strength, pride, and ultimately self destruction, Uzziah entered into the temple and offered a sacrifice displeasing to God. The priests and men of valor stood against Uzziah and God struck Uzziah with leprosy. Uzziah’s leprosy excluded him from the house of the Lord as one who was ceremonially unclean. The contrast of Isaiah and Uzziah serves as a reminder that God wants fellowship with His people on His terms. Our pride or our humility will determine whether we are welcomed into the presence of God.