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Urgent Prayer
If you or a family member find yourself in a crisis situation, we invite you to communicate your prayer needs to our Urgent Prayer Team by phone at 701.232.4476 or by emailing us at

Bethel Church enjoys having a pastor on call available at 701.232.4476. Our answering service will answer the call even if you call after hours or over the weekend. Please leave a message and we will respond appropriately.

Pray For One Another
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Jenny Burian

My brother in law just went in for a colonoscopy at Jamestown and found out he has cancer. He has a stay at home wife with 3 little girls. My sister has diabetes and her numbers get bad from stress. We have not heard the diagnosis yet but he will have another appointment at Sanford next Wednesday. Please pray that God gives them both a sense of peace and helps them not to worry. I am praying that it is a misdiagnosis or that they caught it early, it is not encased or tangled and that they can surgically remove ALL of it. We are praying that God heals him and helps my sister, brother-in-law, and their little girls to feel God's presence and know that he is right beside them.

I would love if this could be put on a prayer chain.

Received: October 29, 2021