Serving with Care

Care Team

The care team seeks to provide encouragement and love with a short visit to one of our senior adults living in a care center or someone in the hospital. A visitor with a smile and some nice conversation are always a welcome bright spot in their day.
Contact: Verona Winkler

Funeral Luncheon Team

When a loved one has been lost and the family is grieving, the Bethel Church family can support them by providing a lunch for the funeral. We appreciate volunteers who encourage grieving families by helping prepare, serve, or clean-up after a funeral luncheon.
Contact: Verona Winkler

Marriage Mentor Couple

Our Marriage Mentor Ministry Team provides premarital mentorship for engaged couples and mentorship for marriages in crisis or couples who need a little extra encouragement.
Contact: Verona Winkler

Meals Team

You’ve just had a planned surgery, or maybe you were in an accident, or something tragic has happened in your family…wouldn’t a hot meal be appreciated? Bethel has a group of people that would provide a home-cooked or store-purchased meal for a family in need during times of stress such as an illness or  hospitalization. If you are interested in joining this team, please let us know.
Contact: Verona Winkler

Reception Coordinator

Coordinate the details surrounding a funeral or wedding reception, banquet or similar event.
Contact: Verona Winkler

Blanket Ministry

If you enjoy fabric crafts, consider becoming part of Bethel’s blanket ministry. You would help provide blankets for new babies, adopted children, and hospitalized Bethel family members.
Contact: Verona Winkler