How to Get Involved

Bethel Students thrives on three types of volunteers: “Paul”s, “Timothy”s, and Kitchen Ministry. We aim to have two small group leaders for each grade and gender, one seasoned saint with parenting experience (Paul) and one young role-model (Timothy). In hospitality, we look for volunteers who work well in teams preparing meals for one-hundred-plus people.

  • “Paul”s: Parent Small Group Leaders
    Students need wise voices speaking into their lives, adults who ideally are parents, but not their parents. If you love Jesus, raised teens and survived, we’d love for you to consider leading a small group alongside a Timothy.
  • “Timothy”s: Younger Small Group Leaders
    Students also need mentors who are closer to them in age, who relate closely to their struggles, and who serve as immediate role models. College students and twenty-somethings are ideal leaders alongside a Paul.

Strong personal relationship with Jesus
Prayerfulness, for students and as way-of-life
Calling to disciple students
Leading a small group weekly (Fall-Spring)
Investing in students beyond just Sundays

  • Kitchen Ministries
    Our kitchen ministry serves a meal weekly during Fall-Spring. Responsibilities include planning menus, picking up some food items, preparing and serving meals, and clean up.

Strong personal relationship with Jesus
Prayerfulness, for students and as way-of-life
Giftedness in hospitality and teamwork
Commitment to serving on rotation

For more information about our student ministry, contact Ciara Arnhalt at 701.232.4476 or