…and it matters now more than ever.
  • Get your infusion of actionable leadership insights & inspiration
  • Learn from a diverse world-class faculty
  • Leverage the Summit as a resource to transform yourself and your community
  • Join with people from 110+ countries and 55+ languages who attend the Summit around the world

The Global Leadership Summit is proud to bring you a high-quality local experience simulcast in HD from the Willow Creek campus on Thursday-Friday, August 8-9, 2024.

The benefits of attending at our location include:

  • Networking opportunities with leaders from our community
  • Reduced cost and time spent on travel
  • Grow and learn with your team in a setting close to home

The best experiences are shared

Partnerships with area churches, businesses, and non-profits provide additional value for many teams. Check the partner list to see if your organization is participating. For non-profits who are a part of the Giving Hearts Day family, please contact the Impact Foundation for a unique priority code.

If you are aware of a person or group that would like to attend and would benefit from financial assistance, please contact Jonas Bundy.

Register Today for 2024


Attend Bethel Church? Use the priority code from our bulletin or weekly enews to register here:

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Not a Bethel Church attender? No problem! Enter your own organization/church information on the registration page and not the host site’s information.

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Summit Partners 2024…so far

If you are a part of one of our Summit Partners, you should contact your church or organization for registration information.

Past Summit Partners

2024 will be our 16th year hosting the Global Leadership Summit. Over those years we’ve had the privilege to partner with these great churches and organizations. Many of them we’ve worked with year after year and some who have branched off and are now hosting the Summit in their city! THANK YOU to all of them for their support and great work they are doing in our community.

5 Reasons to Bring your Team to the Summit

  1. See Excellence on Display. The Summit is done extremely well. It’s not perfect, but it is intentional and well thought out. You’ll hear world class speakers, and the music, interviews, and videos are exceptional.
  2. Keep it Local. It’s an inexpensive way to develop your staff without leaving town.
  3. Team Building. Share with your team what you’re learning while you’re learning. We offer a limited number of classrooms for team building exercises throughout Thursday and Friday. *Contact Sueann to reserve a space.
  4. Networking. Connecting with other leaders is powerful. You’ll meet other leaders who could become allies or partners. It’s an opportunity for more conversation that may stretch you or affirm you.
  5. Recapture Vision. From a past Summit we’ve learned that “vision leaks” which means as leaders we have to recapture and recast vision constantly. The Summit always stirs up vision, allowing leaders to have renewed conviction about what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

Bonus Point:

Personal Renewal. Leadership takes its toll. The Summit is for everyone. You’ll come away with new energy ready to take your organization, family, or team to the next level. You can’t help but get the sense that every faculty member (speaker) at the Summit is invested in your renewal. You’ll know that from the moment they speak.

**Some of these points were taken from a blog that really hit home. See the full blog here.

“We invite our entire management team to attend the GLS.  The speakers are fantastic, that atmosphere is perfect, and we always come away energized—and with a new commitment to pursuing excellence.  (We typically come away with a bag full of great books too!)” – Carl Peterson | President CCA, Peterson Farms Seed
“I’ve been going to the Global Leadership Summit for 10 years now. The reason I keep going is because God always meets me there with fresh insight for his specific plans for me and the church where I lead. It helps me get better as a leader–and I need that help!” – Glen Stevens | Mental Fitness Guy
“Best leadership conference on the planet. Will challenge you to be the leader God wants you to be. Will encourage you to be the leader those you lead knew you to be. Just come and see…you’ll go away INSPIRED.”– Chuck Olmstead | Former Senior Pastor, Hope Lutheran
“The experience was invaluable. I left with key actionable steps which have dramatically improved my team’s focus and impact.” – Pat Traynor | President – Dakota Medical Foundation, Executive Director of Impact Foundation
“The GLS is a time where I can take a healthy break from my careers/life and try to soak in wisdom from the speakers for myself professionally (and personally).  I am such an audio/visual learner (instead of a reader) that the minimal hours I spend there are very beneficial for every aspect of my life.  They always have such a quality line up from many sectors/positions in the workplace that I know I won’t be wasting my time!” – DJ Colter | American Family Insurance Agent
“The Global Leadership Summit is a catalyst for growth. By applying the sage advice delivered at the summit, individuals and teams increase capacity to influence people for real results.” – Mike Meagher | President, Sagency Talent Solutions
“Our leadership team has found great encouragement from the GLS. Each year there are several key take-always that help shape our work. What a blessing that it is so accessible and affordable.” – Jeff Seaver | Lead Pastor at Triumph Lutheran Brethren Church
“Our leadership team at Park Christian School has attended the Global Leadership Summit at Bethel Church as a group for the last four years. It is refreshing and invigorating to hear from the top experts in the field of leadership.  Where else would you get to hear this caliber of speakers, for such a reasonable price, in a local, comfortable, accommodating place, in a two day session? We have found it to be a great launching pad for our upcoming school year and value the time together under excellent teaching.”  Teresa Nickel | Director of Admissions and Marketing, Park Christian School
“Inspires me every year with “purpose and passion” towards leading and inspiring others I impact. Refreshes me to step out in the darkness each year, clinging to my faith with a passion towards making a difference for the positive in the lives of those I lead.” – Paul R. Leverington | Custom Marketing Company, LLC.
“Every leader needs to pull away and refocus – the Summit is the best environment with the best speakers for your commitment to lead well.” – Keith Becker | Former Executive Pastor, Hope Covenant Church

Contact Sueann by email or phone 701.232.4476 if you need assistance with registration.

Students, faculty, and staff of a school can register at a significant discount through the normal registration process.

Priority codes are available for the military, nurses, and first responders. Please contact us for details before you register to take advantage of these GLS discounts.