Worship Ministries

The worship ministry at Bethel Church exists to create worship environments where God is glorified and lives are changed. God is actively at work through the creativity of a variety of staff and volunteers that carry out the ministry. If you’re interested in getting involved, there is a place for you! Click here to read about the opportunities.

REAL Worship Ministry



  • Andy Kvernen

    Andy Kvernen

    Pastor of Worship Ministries
  • Michelle Brown

    Michelle Brown

    Administrative Assistant to Pastor Andy Kvernen
  • Michael Gehrtz

    Michael Gehrtz

    Technical Director
  • Jan Herr

    Jan Herr

    Traditions Worship Coordinator and Receptionist
  • Jon Lucht

    Jon Lucht

    Orchestra Director
  • Loree Veith

    Loree Veith

    Worship Ministries Associate Director