Our desire is to have one Worship Ministry at Bethel. This includes our Student Worship Team. What desires and expectations do we have and why do we have them? What questions should we be asking those who are on the Worship Ministry Team and those who want to join? Please enjoy the conversation where we unpack these things. Many have different expectations for an adult worship team than they do for a student worship team. We are wanting to do all we can to mobilize our teenagers and to have high challenge and high support for them. This includes us doing all we can to treat our students as adults and have the same expectations for them as we do for adults. It is so amazing to see our church body desire to help lead others in worship. We want to do all we can to do that in a way that honors God and magnifies the name of Christ in our lives and in our environments at Bethel Church. If you are interested in serving on the Worship Team, check out this link on the website. https://www.bethelfc.com/worship/